Saturday, June 27, 2015

2015 ARRL Field Day

On 27-Jun-2015, NALCO members participated in the ARRL Field Day event, at our usual location on the UC Berkeley campus. NALCO has historically used Field Day principally as a mobilization exercise, and 2015 was no exception: members began collecting materials and supplies around 8am and by 10am had a 90' broadband HF antenna with 30' mast deployed in an inverted-V configuration; a UHF/VHF/6m antenna deployed; two operating positions established with battery power; some shelter from the sun; public outreach materials including some new banners for this year; and a few creature comforts for the operators. Once established and on the air, the important work of member projects began. This year's projects included: HF/ALE, VHF/Packet (WINLINK), HSMM (mesh), and APRS. We had visits from several members of the public, curious about what we were up to, plus a representative from at least one of our served agency clients.

A big Thank You! to our served agency client UC Berkeley Officer of Emergency Management for their generous support of this activity again this year.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NALCO receives City of Berkeley proclaimation

At tonight's Berkeley City Council meeting, NALCO was presented with a proclamation naming the week of June 22, 2015 as Amateur Radio Week in Berkeley, in association with the lead-up to Field Day on June 27.  NALCO Vice President Bruce KJ6VVJ gave a short history of the organization as a presentation to the council, and several NALCO members were in attendance.

Original full version of the broadcast is here.


Spoken remarks

Robert “Bruce” Carleton
Vice President, NALCO ARES/RACES

Northern Alameda County Amateur Radio Emergency Service
and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (NALCO)

before the

Berkeley City Council

“NALCO, a history of community service through emergency communications”
23 June, 2015

Mayor Bates, Vice President of Council Maio, members of the city council and my neighbors here in Berkeley - my name is Bruce Carleton. I am the Vice President of NALCO, an amateur radio organization serving Northern Alameda County. In light of the ongoing fire season and the drought conditions that are being experienced in California, I’d like to make a few brief remarks about our fire patrol program.

The NALCO fire patrol program was created in 1992 to assist the Berkeley fire department in identifying fire hazards in the city. The Oakland Hills fire in 1991 was a key motivation for forming the fire patrol. This year is the twenty-third anniversary of the NALCO fire patrol.

For anyone who would like to know more about NALCO or the fire patrol, I’d like to personally invite you to join us on field day this Saturday. We will be located near Springer Gateway on the West side of the UC Berkeley most of the day. We hope to see you there. Thank you for the opportunity to serve our community.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015 Fire Patrol

7 NALCO members participated in the first regularly scheduled NALCO Fire Patrol of the 2015 season, including one member on their first patrol.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

2015 Fire Patrol Training

NALCO trained 15 members for the 2015 Fire Patrol season during two sessions on April 29 and May 2, 2015. Capt Dave Brannigan from Berkeley Fire Department and NALCO RACES Radio Officer Jordan Hayes led the training which included the details of how and why NALCO participates in these patrols. This training is part of a comprehensive Emergency Communications training program that NALCO provides for its members.