Saturday, April 27, 2013

Berkeley CERT Citywide Exercise

NALCO was asked again this year by the City to mobilize Amateur Radio operators for this event on 27-Apr-2013.  27 of our members and 3 unaffiliated amateur radio operator checked into a directed net and were given assignments at 4 fire stations and embedded in 7 neighborhoods.  New for this year, we also were able to deploy a Mobile Operating Position which setup a multi-purpose platform (multi-band voice plus digital modes) in direct support of a large neighborhood; and a dedicated Digital Operating Position.  Additionally, we stood up a Simulated EOC to handle coordination of the event.

On voice we handled around 40 messages from the neighborhoods during the two hour exercise; using Packet Radio we passed another 10 messages between three operators; and we prototyped a Wifi Mesh network that was able to confirm communication between 6 network nodes and pass digital traffic (scanned complex written data plus photographs) over the high speed mesh between two operators via a central server.  Finally, we made an external agency contact with the folks at the Berkeley Unified School District, handling a round-trip message which was a resource request from the City to the District.